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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Oh my characters

I've just started a new story. Actually, it's not "new." I first thought of it three or four years ago, and have attempted it at various times since then. This is just the most recent attempt. Anyway, the characters are all new and haven't been developed yet. A few of them have names but I'll probably end up changing them as the story progresses.

There are a couple of characters that I haven't gotten around to naming yet. Naming takes time, searching babynames.com and other websites for the perfect name. I don't want to take that time. I just want to write the story. So, for now, in place of names I'm writing variations of "What's His Face."

The problem? It's weird to look back over my work and see "What's His Faces" everywhere. I'll need to change that soon. Also, I'm getting kind of attached. Do you think readers will mind terribly if I keep "What's His Face" for names?

And What's His Face said . . .

It works. It so does.

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