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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Name my laptop - CONTEST!

Okay, so I love naming things. I love naming my characters, and new pets, and dreaming of names for my future children. (Yeah, my siblings think I'm weird, too.) Even so, I can't come up with the perfect name for my laptop.

So - this is where you come in. My computer is a black INSPIRONmini like this one:

And he - she? - needs a name.

Wait a minture, Gabi, you say. You said there was a contest here.

Yes! There is! Would you like to win a SIGNED Born Wicked bookmark?

They are so shinny and glossy!

(front and back)

How can you get one? Well, I'll be giving away TWO. One will go to a random comenter.

As for the other - well, I am asking you lovely people to come up with a name for my computer! Male or female, first name or full name, your name or your great-aunt's make belive dog's name, whatever suites your fnacy. I will choose my favorite name from the coments, and that person shall win the second signed bookmark. That name will also probably be the one I give to my darling laptop.

This contest will be open until Saturday the 19th. Plenty of time to get your creative juices flowing!

You do not have to be a follower to enter, although I love all of you who are. :]

So, what would YOU name my computer?


  1. How about "Slick".
    Emma B

  2. I'm thinking your computer looks like a Zeek to me. :) It's definitely a male computer.

  3. I name my stuff kinda weird names... so how about Ianto, Peppy, or Sergey? :)