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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pain, Needles, and Other Uncomfortable Things

I hate needles. Okay, so maybe I don't hate the needle itself. Though I do hate what I associate with needles: pain.

I'm a huge wimp. And a bit of a scardey-cat. When I had to get shots in Jr. High - I kid you not - I had to be restrained on the table. To make matters worse I tensed my arm, so the nurse had to work the needle through the muscle. This makes getting a shot even more painful, and your arm hurts for days afterwords.

This is why I never got my ears pierced, even though I love earrings - especially the dangleykind. I always get envious when I'm helping someone pick out earrings - so pretty! I want!

I'm a bit of a hypocrite about this. I don't like needles being used on me, but I am fine inflicting this torture upon other creatures. In my 4-H days I assisted with tattooing rabbits. This involved piercing the rabbit's ear with a series of letters and numbers made up of needles. I've ear-tagged guinea pigs - like a human earring, only it's a permanent and used for identification.

But today, I did it. I overcame a fear:

I got my ears pierced.

Why? Because if my ten-year-old friend can do it, by golly, I can, too!

And it wasn't that bad. It was slightly uncomfortable, not quite as bad as a pinch, definitely not the mind-numbing pain I was expecting.

And in six months, right around my birthday, I get to wear pretty dangley earrings!

Just look how exciting 2012 is already. I've overcome a fear, and only three days in.

Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR! There are so many awesome releases this year. I hope your 2012 is filled with many good books, awesome adventures, and general goodness!

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  1. Wow, congratulations!
    I had four holes for a while, which I really liked, but not I'm back at 2.