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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Day and Bubbles

Apparently Mother Nature heard us complaining about the lack of snow last month, and so she's dumping it on us now. She's like an exasperated mother finally giving in to her pestering children. "Fine! Have snow! Are you happy now?"

Yes. Yes we are. There's over a foot on the ground right now, most of which was dumped on us yesterday, and we're supposed to get another nine inches today. Universities and public schools alike are closed.

Also, did you all notice all the blocked sites yesterday? How did I not know about this bill until I tried to get on Wikipedia? I'm so glad the internet took a stand like that and helped raise awareness, because I had absolutely no idea anything like this was going on. Either I live in a bubble or this really hasn't been talked about much among news sources. I don't know, but I really, really, really hope that it doesn't pass. Thank you to all you bloggers and people who helped me learn about this!

If you are having a snow day too, I hope you enjoy it. I really should be studying, but I'm going to go sledding instead. Then I'll study. I swear. So, go have your fun! (Unless you are one of those people bundled up in blankets and sitting in front of the fire, cursing January and winter and snow. In that case, have a big cup of hot chocolate. With marshmallows! You'll feel better.)

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