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Monday, December 5, 2011

Tortilla Pizza

I just made the most amazing tortilla pizza ever.
This is what happened:

I am dutifully writing a paper.

Gabi: *type, type, type* I'm hungry.

Liz (the big sis): Go eat food.

Gabi: *opens fridge* Tortillas! A jar of spaghetti sauce! Shredded cheese! I will make a tortilla pizza.

Liz: That sounds weird.

It was delicious! Okay, it was a little messy to eat, because the tortilla was too thin to hold all the sauce. I topped it with slices of fresh tomato, and it was so good. I may never go back to regular pizza.

But I will go back to my paper. See? Away I go.

*type, type, type*

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