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Thursday, December 29, 2011

This Post Includes Cute Trash Guys

There was no post on Monday. So, I thought to myself, that means the trash will be one day off now. No mail on Monday, so there's no trash on Monday, either.



Thursday is our trash day. I am the Designated Trash Person. I take the house trash down the driveway to the cans. On Wednesday night I take the trash cans to the street. Last night, I reminded myself the nice trash people weren't coming. They're a day off schedule, because there was no mail on Monday!

Today, almost all the other houses on our street had trash cans in front. Oh, those silly people! Didn't they know there was no trash today? I say gleefully as I drag our cans out.

Oh, but wait. The trash cans are, um, empty. Oh my.

I wonder if the trash guys laughed as they passed our house? (I met them once! Our trash guys are cute. And nice. Nice cute trash guys.) So, cute trash guys probably passed our trash-less house and said, "Didn't they know there's trash today?"

Ha. This is why I shouldn't be in charge of stuff.


  1. LOL.... I wish our trash guy was cute. That sucks though. That's ALMOST happened to me, but I heard him and rushed to get it out there. Luckily, he waited for me. Kind of embarrassing, but funny.

  2. You should move to our street so you can have cute trash guys too. I've done that before! That's how I met the cute trash guys. My alarm clock had gone out with the power and I was running late, and I was just taking the trash out when they came. Cute Trash Guy came down our driveway and took the can to the truck for me. :] I think I could have kissed him right then.