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Monday, December 12, 2011

I killed Cinderella

Okay, not personally. But I did give her eulogy for my communications class last week:

We are here today to honor and remember the life of one of our most beloved fairy tale princesses; my mother, Cinderella Charming. She was someone any princess, or any woman, for that matter, could look up to and admire.

Despite being enslaved and emotionally abused by her step family, Cinderella was able to keep her optimistic outlook on life. I remember there was this one song she loved to sing; “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.” She dutifully endured her torment, never trying to improve her situation herself. With the help of her little mice friends, she dreamed of a better life.

With her heart of gold, Cinderella was able to win the heart of Prince Charming with only a single dance. Like any respectable princess, she had patiently waited for her prince to come and rescue her. Cinderella helped Prince Charming through the aftermath of his divorce from Snow White, who had run away with one of the seven dwarfs. Together Cinderella and Charming were wonderful parents to my siblings and me. I have many happy memories of me, my mother, and her ever-loyal mice singing and doing chores around the palace.

Cinderella is being laid to rest beside her biographer, Walt Disney. The world will surely miss her optimism, patient endurance of abuse, and her lovely singing voice, all qualities princesses should possess. She taught us all that even if your life is terrible, endure it with a smile and someday a handsome prince will come and rescue you.


  1. This is funny. But also kind of sad. Cinderella is my favorite princess, and I will miss her too.

    Grabbing title, by the way. ;)

  2. Why thank you! I like the title, too. :]