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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ballad Woes

My university is big on torture. Reading our poems aloud in class is supposed to, like, be good for us? What? I don't buy it for one second.

I'm working on a ballad right now. It's due tomorrow morning - and, guess what - I've got to read it in front of my class. Which is kind of making the whole writing thing difficult. Because you know what? Rhyming is hard. I have so much respect for Dr. Seuss right now. I can come up with rhymes, but then my lines feel awkward and forced.

What's making things easier is that I have a new goal - not to take any of my poems too seriously.* Last week our assignment was based around "The Empire in the Air" by Kevin Pruffer, which is about a plane being blown up by a bomb. The example ballad for this assignment is about a plane crashing.

Which is why my poem is about witches. It's kind of wonderful to write something and not worry about being profound - I'll leave that to my classmates. Who are all poets. That's right: I am the only non-poet in the class. Everyone else has been writing poetry since high school, and here I am, the short story writer, taking the class because my advisor told me to.

Woe is me.

Anyway. I wanted to share a song I'm sure you've all heard by now. Basically its been playing on repeat in my brain for the last week. And basically, I love it.

Oh! And Matchbox Twenty released a new album earlier this month! This makes me very much happy, and my family not so much, because apparently they can't appreciate good music.
Poor them.

*And also, to butcher punctuation on all of my blog posts. Enjoy. ; ]

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