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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Here we go again

I actually created a blog about a month ago. I even posted a couple of times. Then I got busy and didn't go back to it, and then when I tried to find it  . . . I couldn't. Why yes, folks, I lost my blog.
I tried searching the name, but no unknown blog is going to come up with a google search. I couldn't for the life of me remember the url, and of course I never wrote it down anywhere. I never saved the site or anything. So how about we start again?

Hello, Internet! Welcome to Mato's Blog.

I like to read and write, so I will post my reviews (mostly YA) here. I read a ton this summer, so I'll probably cycle through reviewing those novels. Some of them I liked! Others I didn't! Lucky you, you get to hear my opinions. :] You can hardly wait, right?

About me: I like fruit and animals and the color blue. Someday I want to be a published author, and a veterinarian. I like horses. I have rabbits and guinea pigs and a cat. I desperately want a border collie puppy so I can name her Fly, and then a boy named Rex. (Get the reference?) I like stickers, especially if they're sparkly, and I love good books.

Now I'm going to go save this blog so I can find it again.


  1. Oh no! Sounds like something I'd do! Well, happy to be a first follower of the new blog ;)

  2. Honestly, I'm kind of shocked someone found me! Thanks for commenting and following. :]