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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Problem with Love Triangles

I despise love triangles. Sometimes, if I start a book and a love triangle develops (and it's part of a series), I'll just stop reading the book. And here's why:

1. Love triangles are almost always under-developed.

I know, it's hard to create developed and real characters. But if you're going to have people falling in love, can I at least see their appeal? And no, amazing hair and pretty eyes does not count. Not in a lasting relationship, at least. My problem with love triangles is that often so much is taken up with the girl whining about having to choose a guy, so that the actual guys get cast into the background. We see their attractive physical appearance but their personalities often get short changed.

2. You know who's going to get the girl.

Really, authors? Let's be honest. We know from the start who's going to get the girl. When you drag us through an entire book (or heaven forbid, and entire series) with this love triangle, when we ALL KNOW HOW IT'S GOING TO END . . . it gets old. Fast. I find these girl characters in their boy dilemmas extremely irritating. When they're always wondering which one, which one? Oh, I can't choose! it gets annoying. Especially when it's so obvious who she's going to pick.

3. I always fall for the wrong guy.

Every. Single. Time. Okay, so not every time, but almost. It's hard to watch a character I love get rejected - and when it happens again and again, I get kind of tired of love triangles.

Now, that being said . . . I have read love triangles done right. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen. (And isn't it so marvelous when it does?) Have you read any really good love triangles? Share your thoughts!


  1. I'm not a big fan of love triangles much.

    I have to admit the Infernal Devices love triangle has captivated me a bit and I am on the fence with who the female protagonist will end up with.

    1. I haven't read those books! I've heard they're pretty amazing, though. :]